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New Earth Conversations


It will take each of us working diligently for our own spiritual freedom. 

It will take all perspectives and personal healing. 

It will take you and I working together to learn. 

It will take a pristine plan of action. 

Are you ready? 

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September 9th 12pm EST- Kyera Yalte and Elizabeth Wood

July 28th 12pm EST- Jordan Sather and Elizabeth Wood

Join Elizabeth Wood and Kyera Yalte, angelic healer and passionate discoverer of happiness, as they discuss the fine points of really achieving true joy! Kyera has a unique perspective enriched by many years at sea, discovering different cultures and ways of patiently cultivating joy. A gentle and loving soul with wonderful information and healing skills, you won't want to miss Kyera! 

  • Learn simple steps to cultivate joy each day

  • Be in touch with your Angelic helpers

  • Learn how happiness really grows within us

  • Shift your body image, plant seeds of gratitude and discover forgiveness!

You will learn a lot about your inner self no matter how many years of self improvement you've been working on! Your angels are with you... 

Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, as she interviews activist, investigative journalist and spiritual seeker Jordan Sather! Jordan has been working hard at compiling information about the Elite and how we can end their reign, exposing the years of cover up about sustainable technologies, and helping humanity get excited about full disclosure (among many topics)! If you aren’t familiar with Elizabeth’s work, she is a globally known seer and anthropologist who specialized in futurism, studies quantum physics, and ancient healing modalities. This is a New Earth Conversation not to be missed! Topics covered will be:

  • The dissolution of the Matrix of control

  • The dissolution of the Elite

  • Full disclosure

  • The healing of the Masculine in the USA

  • How young men can actively work for self realization and global healing

  • And much more!


**This interview was really mind blowing! Thank you for your great questions! We really opened up what a NEW EARTH can look like! 



Join Leo (crystal alchemist and healer) and Elizabeth (Seer and Scientist) as they discuss the way the Earth has been shifting energies, the craziness it can cause in our lives, and how we ground ourselves in new ways. Ask any questions that have been coming up for you. Get live one on one energy work from Elizabeth and enjoy a grounding meditation technique you can use again and again! Don't miss this very relevant New Earth Conversation and grab your crystals to join you too!   

May 21st, 6pm EST- Leo McFee and Elizabeth Wood

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