Being Psychic and Seeing

Hi friends! In this video I talk about being psychic, what that means and how to practice it. Happy to answer questions in the comments! Share if you like and...
Remember, you aren't alone! 




































Look forward to videos coming soon about topics such as: 

  • How to tell if something is a false light construct

  • Dealing with trauma without reliving it

  • The dimensions and false universe

  • Angels, demons and other beings

  • The Earth and it's energetic changes

And more!

3 Minds Meditation

I love clearing and working with the 3 Minds - The Brain, The Heart and the Gut! This meditation is a daily must have. 

Soul of the Earth Meditation

The Earth has a huge formation of ringwoodite under the mantle which holds 3 times as much water as our oceans! This is what I call "The Soul of the Earth", so pure and wonderful for our healing. This meditation helps us ground into this pure 'soul' energy!

Wings for Humanity: Formlessness and Timelessness

It's a chance to use energetic slip streams available to us to jump start our consciousness. Formlessness and Timelessness are one of those slip streams! Learn more about what this means in this video and purchase the recorded class about these 'wings' Here!

To purchase the class about Practicing with Light go Here

To purchase the class about the Mechanics of False Light go Here. 

Quick Transformation and Huge Possibilities

“Clearing the root of an issue instead of just peeling the seemingly never ending layers of it is really the way to go for quick transformation. Teaching how we can do it ourselves has immeasurable value. As my mind races ahead and thinks of the possibilities this process holds for everyone is - huge! Thank you for the Divine work you do and for the bright light you hold in the world. Ah, so young and already so wise especially conquering the ego! REMARKABLE.”

~ Gizel

Life Changing!

“Working with Elizabeth has been a life changer for me. She has a rare gift, the ability to connect with source and help facilitate the embodiment of our true nature. She is kind, loving and refreshingly truthful. She has helped me to remember what is most important in life.” ~Leo McFee, Crystal Master and Founder of Crystal Sun Academy

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