3rd Eye Evolution

A Complete Guide to Psychic Development

A modern look at how to use your 3rd Eye, Remote Viewing and more!


Spend 6 Weeks Live with Elizabeth!

See dates below - begins November 13th

Write in or Ask Live Questions!


A Global Event - Learn to use your 3rd Eye in ways you never considered!

Expand your consciousness and fully understand who we really are -

interdimensional human beings!

Learn to navigate many dimensions, understand interdimensional communication, and even create mystical objects!

The only thing containing you is time. All space is available to you in present consciousness!

All you have to do is use your imagination!


6 weeks of classes - See the title topics!


Week 1

3rd Eye Evolution as a Way of Life


Week 2

Using Consciousness and Divine Imagination


Week 3

The Accessible Dimensions


Week 4

A Basic Lexicon of Interdimensional Beings


Week 5

People, Places and Things on the Inner Planes


Week 6

Co Creating Consciousness with the Universe and Quantum Healing

BONUS: Receive notes for each class!

There is no better time than now to use our full dimensional capabilities!

Access these layers of existence with your 3rd eye!

Evolve more quickly - learn practical and easy processes.

You have the opportunity to do things like ~


Expand your conscious idea of what the universe is and how to access it!

Connect with your angels!

Create places and objects that make you feel peaceful and happy.

Understand how you affect the 3D.

Heal yourself and others!

Manifest your desires and visions.

And much more!


All Classes Are Recorded for You!


Dates of Live Classes ~ Write in or ask live questions!


November 13th at 12pm ET

November 22nd at 12pm ET

December 2 at 12pm ET

December 6th at 12pm ET

December 16th at 12pm ET

December 20th at 12pm ET


PRICE: $200 for all 6 Classes


$40 per class

Receive a discount for purchasing the entire series!


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