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Why Essential Oils Bridge Natural & Modern Medicine

Essential oils are a perfect bridge between natural and modern medicine. Our ancient ancestors knew that plants had incredible properties and they treasured plant based healing.

They did not however have access to the pharmaceutical grade potency of these plants that we have now.

Using the chemistry and power of essential oils is another way we can further bridge science and spirituality. 

Now we have the high grade healing from essential oils that includes the emotional and spiritual experience, not just the popping of a pill. 

I've chosen a special company - Jade Bloom - to affiliate myself with.

I want to share their pure essential oils with you!

They are the purest in light and chemistry that I've found yet.

I want to share some great blends and ideas that can help you heal.

Below I've written affirmations with each blend to further support you.

I do get a small affiliate payment from Jade Bloom if you find a link below to purchase your oils, and my little family and farm are so grateful. 

To your deepest healing!




Jade Bloom

Use Oils Safely

To maintain safety, always dilute oils in carrier oil for internal or external use.

Good carrier oils for Internal Use are -

Fractionated Almond

Fractionated Coconut

Black Seed

Sesame Seed

Carrier oils that work well for External Use are almond oil and regular coconut oil. 

Oils for Diffusing

Diffusing is a great way to uplift and calm the body and spirit! 

There are many ways to diffuse in the home, office and even the car. See more Here.

Use a few drops in a diffuser alone or combined. 

Click on an oil below to learn more.

Oils for Joyful Diffusing -






Oils for Calming Diffusing -


Lemon Grass


Oils for Sensual Diffusing -

Oils for Healing Diffusing -

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