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We Invite you from the Heart to Create

Real Change...

It's time to -

Receive access to 3 valuable techniques now!

Via this interactive ebook online, we'd like to introduce you to the quality of content you can expect from this immersion. 

We are gifting you our first week's

Lifestyle of Light Resources Interactive Ebook from our retreat!

Read about ~

Emotional Processing by Lucia Rene'

Squares by Leslie Temple Thurston

Tratraka by Giovanni Dienstmann

About this deep soul connection and immersion into processing trauma ~


During this 7 week online soul connection, Elizabeth Wood & Meg Archambault share their most effective techniques for clearing the layers of protection and trauma that keep us from experiencing an embodied and direct connection with Source.


Elizabeth is an Anthropologist and Oracle who has used these techniques to attain Oneness and continued development of her consciousness everyday!


Meg is a Soul Worker with the mission to bring people into balance and alignment within themselves with her ability as a channeler of wisdom and Light. 


Between them they hold a safe, loving space of non-judgement and unconditional love for all who are called to continue the vital work of processing.


This is not a theoretical retreat, but a roll-up-your-emotional-sleeves and get to work creating change INSIDE and IN THE WORLD…getting to work on what matters most:

- Freeing up the Heart to love more fully

- Freeing up the Soul to live more freely

- Allowing the Divine Light to live in you and as YOU.

- Healing trauma, density and bringing in more Light.

- Experiencing JOY in the process of healing.

- Attaining higher consciousness faster and more efficiently!

Want to know even more?

Listen to the Replay of our





In this Retreat, you will be fully held in a loving place FOR 7 WEEKS to ~

- Discover what Processing is and why it is important to your Spiritual Progress

- Learn the foundations to deep and effective Emotional Processing (good for all levels)

- Practice various processing techniques and how to use them every day

- Expertly find your own emotional triggers and blockages

- Experience the Peace & Stillness that is the result of bringing emotional imbalances to rest and clearing density from the body and field.

- Be in Joy while processing and healing.

- Embody Emotional Processing as a way of life so that you will progress further and faster on your spiritual path.


You’ll receive via Email Each Week - 

Starting Sunday September 8th - through the end of the week of October 20th



  • A Total of 8 Live Zoom Calls! - We will have a call each Sunday at either 12pm ET or 5pm ET and one ending call - Replays available - Full of guidance, Q and A, and meditations!

  • An Interactive Online Experience Emailed Each Week - Meg and Elizabeth share their experiences with these useful techniques - lots of real life examples! Videos, audios and practices for your week all embedded in one place.

  • Beautiful Printable PDF content with all the practices, questions and meditations woven with light and using some of Meg’s light-filled photography.

  • Chat with Elizabeth and Meg LIVE throughout the day for 7 weeks - Receive deep soul connection and friendly support if you’d like to interact at your leisure on the Slack app or online!

  • Access to The Circle Community on Slack where you can receive deep support from an awakened community.

Who is this Retreat for?

This retreat is for you if you:

  • Are ready to make great leaps in Consciousness and progress further and faster on your spiritual path!

  • Are committed to healing past trauma and emotional triggers so you can BREAKTHROUGH old conditioning and BE FREE to live fully from your heart.

  • Know in your bones that you were born for these times, but you need support & tools to fully step into a new way of living and loving.

  • Feel the call to be a Leader, Change-Maker, and/or Contributor to the well-being of our planet and her people and desire to make a bigger difference - NOW!

  • Have an established Healing Business, Coaching Practice, etc., and/or feel the pull to grow, go deeper with clients, and have greater impact and reach.*


*All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your resume, website, or biography.  Consider this Retreat as a Personal Development Initiative to add to your Business Development Plan.


We look forward to sharing the best tools and techniques we have learned in the field of Emotional Processing and supporting you during our time together!


With Love,

Elizabeth & Meg

Prices and Payment Plans

**Early bird discount for everyone!**

$887 in 2 payments of $443.50 which ends on September 6th!

(Second Payment Due September 14th)

After Early Bird -

4 payments of $249.25 

or $997 total

(Payments via email invoice every 2 weeks - paid in full by 8 weeks.) 


*$147 for the materials only* 

(Materials Emailed on Sept 7 - No live calls or online support)

***Materials will be emailed to you at the start of the retreat September 8th & each week afterwards whether you're signed up for the support portion or not.***


Weekly Topics:

Discover content, videos, and workbooks at your leisure. 

Attend calls live or listen to replays!


Week 1: Transformation  - How processing can heal YOU & THE WORLD, Squares and Emotional Processing Intro

LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday September 8th at 12pm ET


Week 2: Awareness – Recognizing Triggers, Blockages & Patterns, Self-Inquiry/Awareness

LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday September 15th at 12pm ET


Week 3:  Foundations – Embodiment, Thanking, Welcoming, & Merging

LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday September 22nd at 12pm ET


Week 4: Polarity Processing – Identifying Polarities & Practicing Squares, 

Recognition & Acknowledgement vs Banishment & Being Ignored (mp3 Bonus)

LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday September 29th at 12pm ET


Week 5: Deepening – Frozen Children/Traumatized Selves, Identities, Blind Spots, “Mother Wound” & “Father Wound”

LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday October 6th at 12pm ET


Week 6: Everyday Processing – Process “On-Demand”, Process in the moment, Process end-of-day, Process with the Heart Field using Heart Commands

LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday October 13th (Time TBA)


Week 7:  Embodiment - Integration & Meditation (Gazing - Sri Yantra), Embodying the Change & Transforming the World

TWO CALLS: LiveStream Soul Connection Call: Sunday October 20th (Time TBA)

ENDING CALL: October 27th at 5pm ET

**Don’t miss the last week on the Slack online platform

 & The Circle Community no-cost call October 27th at 12pm ET!

QUESTIONS? Email Elizabeth at!

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