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Healing the Masculine -

Introductory Interviews

Men are hurt by the patriarchy as much as women are. Many men are tired of being cannon fodder, or not being recognized for their hard work. Still others feel they aren't sure what it is they are looking for... It's time for the new paradigms of the masculine to be revealed. 

Listen to Elizabeth Wood and her peers discuss what it will take for the masculine to be able to heal. We unwrap the issues facing men today, how the Earth's changes are facilitating big transformations in men, and how the end of the patriarchy will create a new paradigm through the healing of the masculine. 


Global change and healing cannot happen without the masculine! Learn about the nature of masculinity, the practices of Love and Discrimination, and how men can finally undo the lynch-pin of Worthlessness to become free. 

Enjoy these free introductory interviews with very special men who's work has helped Elizabeth develop the Healing the Masculine Workshop (happening in July 2017). 

Interview with David Manning -
Mystic, Storyteller and Healer

Join Elizabeth and David on a penetrating journey into the mysticism of the masculine, the energies of the new dimensions on the Earth and how they can help the masculine heal for the benefit of all. We discuss the new archetypes which masculinity can utilize and nail down practices which can help men feel grounded in their bodies! To learn more about David's work go to

David Manning - Mystic and Healer


Receive 3 Gifts and get instant access! You will receive periodic emails with relevant and complelling info!

Coming up - Interview with Leo McFee -
Crystal Master, Alchemist and Healer

Join Elizabeth and Leo in a conversation about how the Healing the Masculine process was unwrapped, how it differs from other methods and what it means for humankind to experience a free and healed masculine presence on Earth. Discover how the crystal kingdom can help the masculine stay grounded on the Earth. 

Coming up - Interview with "Tes" Tesla -
Earth Medicine Man and Earth Channel

Join Elizabeth and Tesla in this deep conversation about the power of a free man, the importance of Earth plant and animal medicine to mankind and how the Earth is ready to heal men and the masculine.

About the Healing the Masculine Workshop

Are you a man feeling limited and wounded by patriarchal programming? Unable to find forgiveness in the systems which put blame upon you? Deep within you know that you are using only a fraction of your intrinsic potential?


Most people fail to realize that the Patriarchy hurt men just as much as women. For thousands of years men have been forced to fight wars, juggle thin ideas of fatherhood and be deeply disconnected from their true essence. Men of the world have been taught that Heart is to be subdued, covered and controlled rather than celebrated.


The planetary energies are now supporting men to transcend their wounds and reclaim their divinity. Elizabeth, a world-class seer and quantum healer, has gathered a powerful set of tools to enhance the healing and transformation of the masculine.


Healing the Masculine workshop consists of four segments:

  • The 3 Minds Technique will help you reconnect to your true source of power. By using your Heart Mind, Gut Mind and Brain Mind you can bring forth healing for yourself and others. Activating the 3 Minds configuration brings focus and fluidity, clarity and power into your life.

  • Learn about practice of Bhakti Yoga and how pure, unconditional love is the true Kingdom of men's hearts. 

  • Employ techniques to heal personal trauma and create responsive, loving and joyful relationships.

  • Upscale your work to heal systems that you are involved in or creating. Learn to remove them from the patriarchal structure and work in a new and Universe-friendly model. Begin using this approach in your work rebuilding systems around you and creating an Earth which is aligned with humanity rather than subdued by it.

  • Understand how you are an organic Discriminator who can discern energies, frequencies and vibrations which can serve human kind, and those that will not. 

  • Find companionship and connection with other people who are working hard to heal the masculine! 


Returning to your essence by aligning with the Heart Mind and pure love brings forth your ability to harness energy and the knowledge of the Earth to create and manifest in the material world swiftly and smoothly. 


*Each online teleconference is live and we will begin each with a lively conversation style teaching about how to use these techniques. The latter half of each teleconference will be open for questions and live processing. Every teleconference is recorded for your later use and convenience.

You will receive 4 live workshop calls to attend and 3 bonus interviews (see above). The 4 live calls are working calls with a lecture and then live Q and A where Elizabeth will work with you on your processes. 

Men and Women are both welcome to these calls!

BONUS: Those who participate in this workshop will receive a Chakra Removal session at a deep discount. The Chakra removal will dismantle the underlying energetic constructs that keep the limiting Patriarchal configurations in place. You will regain your original state of Light, our ancient way of being, from where you can make new healthy life choices. This is a solid way to begin working in the new model for a healed masculine. To purchase a discounted Chakra removal simply send us your receipt for the workshop at and then you will receive your coupon code! 

Refund Policy: No refunds for teleconferences because they will be recorded for later listening. If you need a refund, please do so before the first live class. 

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