It will take each of us working diligently for our own spiritual freedom. 

It will take all perspectives and personal healing. 

It will take you and I working together to learn. 

It will take a pristine plan of action. 

Are you ready? 


New Earth Conversations

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New Earth Conversation with Victoria More

June 28th at 12pm ET

Join Elizabeth Wood and mystical teacher Victoria More for another special conversation!

I'm thrilled to have Victoria back, and we will be delving deep into the gateway of the Solstice, as well as what's up in consciousness now. Enjoy Victoria's expansive field! She's a special soul to be near. You can also catch the replay on YouTube at Elizabeth Wood Seer and Scientist under the New Earth Conversations playlist right after our live show. 

New Earth Conversation with Jeneth Blackert

Clear the Noise: Calm, Quiet, Aligned and MAGIC

May 13 at 2pm ET

Imagine leaving this call just being you and being clear of the noise...
Jeneth Blackert and Elizabeth Wood know what you're going through. 
We're dancing/juggling 3D life with family, work, and higher consciousness. 
We've been exhausted and overwhelmed. We too have struggled with the "anxiety monkey in your head"! 
Jeneth is a master at creating the calm, quiet, aligned and magical experience within so you can just BE YOU. 
Her light is clear, strong and familiar. Her powerful call to be ourselves is undeniable! 
Elizabeth is an Anthropologist and Oracle bridging science and spirituality. 
Join both for a New Earth Conversation about how to finally become aligned without the noise! 
Questions will be taken via chat live and the interview will be broadcast live on YouTube. 

New Earth Conversation with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Rebirthing New Earth

Friends, it’s time to rebirth the New Earth. This formless process requires us to drop our old patterns, our old teachings, our old ways! We are at a new precipice in time and the rebirthing and rebuilding process has begun around us. We are being called to join in a new conscious creation - the creation of new ways, energies and light which we’ve never had access to before in these embodiments. This means the end of co-dependent ways of functioning. We will be discussing -

  • How to notice, choose and embrace the New Earth in your daily life.

  • The building of grids of light as a re-birthing and birthing process.

  • How the merging of our fields as unique souls is the foundation of the New Earth.

  • And much more!

Lisa is a Light Encoder, Gate Keeper, Grid Keeper and Grid Creator, and a Time Keeper. She masterfully encodes light into all she does. Time with her can create change at quantum levels which unfold like a blossom in your life. This interview will be a true treat for all of us who revel in the light!

New Earth Conversation with Lori Spagna

Dormant DNA & Sacred Key Code Activations For You, Your Animals & Your Ancestral Lineage 

Find the replay on YouTube under "Elizabeth Wood Seer and Scientist" and the playlist "New Earth Conversations" HERE.


Your DNA Strands are holding the keys and the codes - Sacred Key Codes - to awaken YOUR greatest potential and align you with the highest and best version of yourself. Learn about Light Encoded Frequency Activations to assist you in remembering more of the highest truths, raising your own vibrational frequency, embodying the lightest and highest light.  These energetic attunements are designed to allow your Spiritual transformation and Consciousness expansion to be easy, graceful, benevolent, effortless. 

Lori Ann Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Spiritual Catslyst, Intuitive, Energy Healer, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Animal Communicator, Visionary, Lightworker and Starseed who ho  radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences and an induction experience while living in Maui.  
Lori has also helped to transform the lives of thousands of humans and animals around the world via her Channeled Ascension Guidance, Intuition,  Energy Healing and Animal Communication. 
She leads seminars, workshops and retreats where she provides Ascension Training, Sacred Energy Healing Transmissions and Dormant DNA & Sacred Key Code Activations for humans and animals and assists others to awaken to their alignment with the true Divine Source which exists within everyone, so that all beings can live their best life ever.


Learn More about Unlocking Your Dormant DNA & Get a FREE Sample DNA Activation with this GIFTED mp3 class from Lori: 

Learn More About Your Starseed Ancestry and Your Star Family Races with this FREE class and ebook from Lori here: 

If you are a Spiritually Minded Animal Lover, get your THREE FREE CONTENT RICH energy healing and animal communication & telepathy classes and ebooks - this is GREAT Stuff for humans and animals :) 

Anything is Possible!

Join Christy Warnick, energy healer and intuitive, and Elizabeth Wood, seer and scientist, for a New Earth Conversation about miracles and possibilities! Listen to stories about how anything is possible. What mindset really helps welcome miracles? How does gratitude and celebration open you to receive wonderful possibilities? Learn about the true nature of the Universe full of possibilities! 

New Earth Conversation with Troy Tate

The Resurrection of the Sacred Circle!

Join Troy Tate, author and sacred circle "Power of 11" creator, and Elizabeth Wood, seer and scientist, for a special New Earth Conversation about the resurrection of the sacred circle!  As New Earth continues to unfold, there has been a powerful seeing for all of us - the ancient manifesting power of the sacred circle has been resurrected! Ancient humans knew that consciousness alone was powerful, but that power was magnified when it was in collaboration with others. Our ability to influence timelines, co-create with the Universe, receive healing, and participate in potent manifesting is never more powerful than in a sacred circle. Learn about how you can use this activity now in your own life in many different ways! "The Power of 11", a unique sacred circle process created by Troy and his colleague, Marie Brennan, has created amazing shifts, growth and healing for participants. Elizabeth's Sacred Circle Network has given many the chance to feel held and supported when they were most alone. You now have the opportunity to tap into the power of the sacred circle! Come listen for free about how sacred circles can help you on multiple levels including manifesting your heart’s desires and feeling supported and loved in a whole new way.

New Earth Conversation with Victoria More

Egypt, New Energy and Remembrance

​Join Victoria More, mystical adept, masterful meditation teacher, emissary of the Nilotic Meridian with Elizabeth Wood, seer and quantum healer, in this enlightening New Earth Conversation! This discussion will touch on several themes relevant to the current powerful times. Learn more about:
~Ancient Egypt and how it holds the keys to a much more ancient history on the planet! (Not what we read in the books!)

~The power and grace of the mystical Nilotic Meridian
~How to align with the Earth's current energies to claim the next level in your personal development
~And much more!
Receive a special invitation to an event you don't want to miss as well. (Hint: It's in Egypt!) You'll thoroughly enjoy the pristine energy of Victoria's field and the friendly rapport she and Elizabeth share.

Be sure and come live to ask questions!

July 7th OPEN CALL with Elizabeth Wood

Because our guest could not connect, we had a lovely open call instead! 

We talked about current energies, how to heal, inflammation, empaths and how they can manage better, and lots of other things! 

We will do this kind of thing again, it was sure fun. Enjoy the replay!

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