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Year Subscription to our community's monthly call! 
I'd love for you to join me for a monthly Zoom/YouTube streamed call each month where we check in with our awakened community and talk about all things scientific and spiritual! 
EP written by
Elizabeth Wood
and produced by Bioluminescent
A beautiful meditation album woven with light and awareness made to help you heal and feel empowered!
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3rd Eye Development -
Masterclass Originally taught at AWAKEN Academy!
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Ebook "Healing the Three Minds - The Brain, Heart & Gut"
Learn practical and simple ways to heal your trauma and pain! Learn to heal your mind from mental issues and programs. Learn to heal PTSD and anxiety. Get your heart back into a place where you can feel like you're in charge again! Heal your gut for added access to more light and joy. The Mind, Heart and Gut are your command centers! 
"Galactic Forgiveness Meditation"
A beautiful meditation for forgiveness, expansion and empowerment! With both music written by Elizabeth Wood and a guided meditation, this is a powerful tool that can be used and shared. 
Earth and Space
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