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"This is a physics which is both spiritual and physical." - Elizabeth Wood 


Who am I and what do I teach?

Considered a world-class seer, I work on the cutting edge of remote viewing, quantum healing and medical intuition. With my lifelong ability to see into all dimensions and work with the quantum and spiritual realms, my remote viewing and healing work has helped people all over the world. Called “Living Library, Oracle and Way-Shower”, I’ve spent my whole life studying ancient and modern medicine, anthropological theory, quantum physics and futurism. I have two science degrees, including a Masters in Applied Anthropology. Like an encyclopedia of healing, I use my knowledge, wisdom and connection to Source to support individuals attaining better health and clarity about the purpose they have come to fulfill. I strive to teach easy techniques which you can use to change your life, attain health and take part in the world’s healing while fully understanding yourself!


I’m consistent about what I teach.

I teach you how to:  

  • Ground concepts and light in the body.
  • Use the body more effectively to serve you and your skill sets.
  • Discern using the brain, heart and gut.
  • Heal yourself spiritually and physically.
  • Command the heart to dissolve illness, ego, pain, blockages and heal DNA.
  • Understand the fields of limitation imposed on us and exactly how to walk out of them.
  • Practically implement ways to be more limitless daily.
  • Dissolve dark or dense energy in the body and spirit in particular, practical ways.
  • Understand how one might be leaking energy and how to end it.
  • Identify the reasons for suffering and how to dissolve them and the obstacles they contain.


These frameworks of thinking that I teach automatically connect you to a higher field of light. They are unique mindsets around life. I’m offering the scientific and spiritual framework to be able to see your life situation clearly, be able to assess where you are at and where you want to be, and receive personalized tools that can help along the way.


Personalized tools can include ways to open the 3rd Eye, ways to hone personal skill sets, how to do greater and deeper business, effective ways to create businesses, and having more clarity about personal health. In the future you can constantly be able to assess your own progress and map out your own results using a better framework of thinking. You can be your own spiritual scientist!


Join me and let's get to work dissolving obstacles and bringing in more light!


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I look forward to working with you deeper.


Elizabeth Wood

60 Minute Personal Session


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