Heal Yourself & Heal the World 7 Wk Program

Heal Yourself & Heal the World 7 Wk Program

As spiritual seekers, teachers, and leaders of change, we are being called to be the calm amidst the storm.

We have the opportunity to heal the world by healing our own inner-selves.

We become “the change the world wants to see” by collapsing all old structures that hold our “old selves” in place.

There is great Joy to be realized when we learn to come to the Center of our own being and sit in our own Essence. From that place of inner stillness, we can do more to elicit change than any other activism or movement.

How can we be calm in the middle of such profound upheaval? 

We practice USING our triggers and reactions to find the deeper peace that exists inside us at all times.

Deep wisdom can be gained by taking the darkest of wounds and transmuting them into the greatest of joys.

In this special retreat Elizabeth Wood & Meg Archambault share the tools and practices they have used to transform themselves and accelerate their own spiritual awakening. They have collaborated to bring you an in-depth and comprehensive Library of Wisdom that they have accumulated over a combined 50+ years of study.  

- In this interactive ebook program  you have access to ~

  • Over 20 hours of video and audio teachings and practices that you can use daily to quicken your own healing and personal awakening.  

  • Meditative and light-filled photos and writing for your journey. 

  • Personal stories from Meg & Elizabeth - stories that describe their own personal journeys out of emotional pain, trauma, and suffering and into an awakened and expansive experience of life.

  • 3 Months of support online via "The Circle" online community!

We hope you'll join us to Heal Yourself, and in the process, Heal the World!


~Testimonials ~

I want to thank you, Elizabeth and Meg, for asking so much of yourselves in preparing the materials for this retreat with incredible standards. Your spiritual integrity and extraordinarily high personal commitment to holding and sharing such immense light means more to my listening heart than all of the knowledge in the universe.  Thank you for your love, your intelligence, your generosity...thank you mostly for being such pure love in the world. - Jeannine


Thank you, Elizabeth and Meg for such a beautiful offering. The energy between the two of you was filled with a gentle and deep level of loving kindness. - Catherine 


I am getting so much benefit from teachers like Meg and Elizabeth, who hold a huge picture / vision and see nothing as wrong. I have spent much of my life trying to fix myself; the most change has come as I let go of changing myself or anyone else, and instead just allow things to be as they are, thank them for their role in my soul's growth, and welcome them into my awareness where they can merge with the entirety of my being. Blessings Meg and Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your vulnerable souls. -Maya 


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