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Mechanics of False Light, Practicing with Light

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The Mechanics of False Light


Humans have been dealing with all manner of energetic slavery and genetic bondage for millennia. During the time we have spent in this slavery we have been corrupted. Our ideas about how to live on this Earth have been far removed from what is natural and healthy. This is caused by the ongoing onslaught of false light constructs spiritually, and the constant negative feedback we get from a corrupted material world. Even worse is the oppression and trap which we can fall into which I call False Light Constructs. Instead of celebration and joy, this oppression causes self doubt, illness, a crumbling life and worse. We get lured by aspects of these False Light Constructs every day. Learn from Elizabeth, seer and scientist, about her experiences with False Light and tap into the deep knowledge available around this subject. In this teleconference we will discuss several points and you will learn about:


  • How humanity became energetic slaves and why

  • Identification of material and spiritual False Light Constructs

  • How to block influence by False Light

  • Protecting yourself from the oppression of False Light

  • Identification of True Light and how to access it


Practicing with Light - The Science and Spirituality of Working with Light


With the Sun and Earth shifting ever upward in frequency, it is the perfect time right now to learn about Light! Light is full of information and has powerful effects on the body, mind and spirit. Light heals, reprograms and adjusts our bodies. Learn from Elizabeth about the science of Light and how it can be used to shift your life. The many qualities of Light which we have access to can finally be used to their full potential. Understand how to identify the kinds of Light you want to work with, where to receive their healing information and how that healing works. This class will have you enjoying Light in your life more than ever before. Look forward to brightening your daily joy and revealing more about the wondrous gift of Light!  


Rainbow Gazing - A Meditative Technique


Our body and spirit are deeply affected by wavelengths of light that occur naturally. Bringing on states of healing, joy and balance, all the wonderful wavelengths of light are available in the perfect prism of rainbow light. Doing meditative gazing on the rainbow created by sunlight can be a wonderful way to unwrap higher and happier states of mind. Join Elizabeth as she opens up how to do this special meditative technique, where to find rainbow light, and the various consciousness states which can be reached while allowing this light to move through our eyes into our bodies!


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