Saturday, March 6 & Sunday March 7

3 - 6 pm Eastern Time both days

[start time 12 noon Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern]

Live via zoom with recording & transcript



Do you catch yourself saying negative things to yourself throughout the day? 

When you read the news, do you feel like humanity is going down the drain?

Have you lost hope about the future? 


We’re blocked by so much “self hate programming” that we can’t seem to see a way to fix the “failings” of humanity. 


When we carry such deep false ideas about the worthlessness of ourselves, or when we compare ourselves as “less than” other galactic beings, guides and the divine, it can be difficult for us to embrace how divinity shines in and through us. 


Adria Estribou and Elizabeth Wood offer you a gently guided retreat to address some core misconceptions of our “failings” and find a way to navigate consiousness through Unconditional Love. 


Elizabeth, psychic seer and galactic anthropologist, will look at the layers that give us the message of anything other than “I am of the Divine, I am of Source'' during our retreat. She offers the dissolving of the 5 Fields of Limitation, powerful programs of subjugation, and the opening into the 5 Fields of Limitlessness, hopeful and bright new ways to think about our lives as humans. We can uncover the linchpin of the worthlessness we’ve been asked to heal, and finally pull it by understanding how humankind was taught to “fail”. 


Adria will be channeling Angels Ariel & Raphael about the angelic perspective on humanity. Through a set of questions, we’ll learn the angelic perspective on topics such as: What about humanity's essence is the same as divinity? What is sacred about humanity? How can you live from that divine impulse, which is also the human impulse? You’ll be pleasantly surprised about what the angels and their multidimensional experiences have to offer! 


We hope you’ll join us on this gentle, caring and hopeful guided retreat for your healing and self care! There is a dissolving in consciousness happening, but it can be directed to dissolve self hate and human hate, replacing it with Love which inevitably triumphs.


This is a relaxing, nourishing retreat - not for notes, working or being busy! 


We won’t be taking individual questions during this retreat. We’re encouraging you to really relax into the nourishing energies. No need to take notes - we’ll provide the transcript and recording after the retreat. 


We look forward to serving you and helping bring more light into your life. 



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I am of the Divine Deeply Nourishing Retreat


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