Purge, Merge, Listen & Write 6 Wk Program with Flower Diamond

From start to flow this 6-week writers support class will guide you through your writing project hosted by Flower Diamond - Mystic Poet.


Watch Flower Diamonds interview with Elizabeth Wood introducing the Course!


Whether it be a novel, a song, a play, movie script or a journaling project you don’t have to do it alone. You are invited to join Flower and her Poetry family for six weeks giving you the support to move you through your project, big or small.   This course includes virtual classroom hours, a group support platform on ‘The Circle’ Slack and daily check-ins with inspirational poems to answer any questions.  


Class Dates: Aug 24th, 31st, Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 6pm Pacific Time

Included: One month of Membership in The Circle where ALL of our events take place! Upon payment you will receive immediate instructions on how to join us in The Circle. Once you are inside, you will then receive additional information about the Six Week Course!


Themes to be covered: 

Focus is on project flow. The course is focused on getting the writing done...gently and in harmony with the Self. 

Explore the perspective that your ideas are your family and how to talk to your family.  

Understand the energetics of your family in order to invite in the new family member, your book, play, song or story.  

Learn tools to purge and merge with your research, planning and expectations of your project to open up communication with it.  

Learn to write though listening to your family  

Learn how to use poems to sweeten the heart, mind and soul of your story.  

Get answers through Questions & Poems; most questions will be answer through Flower Diamond’s poetry, where she gets out of the way so you can get your own answers.  Students will have the opportunity to answer each other’s questions through poem, even if it’s about office supplies! And to answer their own questions through poem.  


We will Em-POEM-er each writer to be their own editor and chief. At the end of 6 weeks the Q&P, the daily Questions & Poems will be collected into an ebook to help writers go forward and as a keepsake for the class.  


Students will also receive a snail mail Writers Workshop Book Bag, that includes essential writing supplies, course information and surprises!  All students will receive a certificate of completion and a personalized poem from Flower Diamond.


About Flower Diamond

Flower discovered her ability to write directly with her soul by accident. She was just sitting on her patio at home when she heard a voice say, “Write down the words we say to you”. What came through was magical poetry that comforted her every day. Her primary mentor was Lord Shiva, and over the following years she began to embody the method and the message until she learned to connect to herself fully with no need for outside influences, she just talks to herself now. She will guide you to listen to your own muse and be in full collaboration with it!


This class 

Brings all the 

stray threads 

together once again 

Lay this quilt upon you lap 

enjoy this moment 

This life you have hand stitched 

Is beautiful 

Love you. XFD


This course offered through the Twelve Star Learning Collective. Learn more about Twelve Stars here!


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