The Science of Ascension

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The Science of Ascension


Have you wondered what science has to say about consciousness, the body and ascension? How do we actually ascend and reach higher levels of consciousness? Learn about the science behind the ascension process! From the depths of time and the heart of the Universe, we are given access to the most ancient tools for our ascension into the highest states of consciousness. The answers are all around you! Learn about:

  • The scientific and esoteric theory of ascension - science and spirit are intertwined!

  • A journey through he accessible dimensions of this Universe - the 12 Dimensions.

  • Cymatics - the frequencies which form the Universe and how to use them.

  • Light spectrums and how to use them to heal your body and mind!

  • The Laws of the Universe and how you can use them to ascend!

  • The power of your DNA and how it’s made for ascension.

  • The fields of limitation and their opposites for you to embody for limitlessness.

  • The 3 Minds and how they are built to help you attain enlightenment!

And much more!

If you’re a healer wanting more depth to your work, a seeker who enjoys both science and spirituality, or a student of life, this online healing retreat is for you! It’s easy to talk about ascension, but when we fully understand it, we get to take our journey to the next level. Join Elizabeth, world-class seer and anthropologist, in discovering the deep transcendent wisdom which lies at the heart of where science and spirit meet!

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