The Three Minds Collection

The Three Minds Collection - The Brain, Heart and Gut Mind 


Are you tired of feeling energy stuck in your system? Perhaps you are always fatigued, ill, and keep trying everything to no avail. Or maybe your well being is fine, but you feel like you need a different conscious configuration?  You long to be done with the matrix of control. A different step and technique could lead you to a different height of conscious being and bring you energetic freedom.


Using The 3 Minds within the core of the body is a step to being free of the matrix of control. When you begin thinking, perceiving and feeling in this configuration, you are subsequently dropping relationship with systems that have hurt humanity for so long. The 3 Minds configuration brings focus and fluidity, clarity and power, especially to The Heart Mind which has been starved for too long. The 3 Minds is a modern take on an older configuration than the Chakras and the matrix of control, the Dan Tian centers in Taoist teaching. While much of the 3 Minds Technique is based on the flow and placement of these centers, the use of the Minds as ‘brains’ and their practical psychological applications are unique.


In this workshop we will learn about the history and science of The Three Minds and how to Heal The Brain, Heart and Gut Minds, each in their own way. Get instant access to all 3 mp3's today!


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