Total Expansion of Self Collection

Formlessness, Timelessness, The Universal Mind Containing All Things and The Void

Bonus: The Last 4 Introduction Class


Humankind only recently reached global consciousness. The collective has been struggling with the collective ego. The healing of the self and the erasure of personal ego helps the whole collective to heal. How can we erase our personal egos more effectively? There are four energies which can help us reach a more pure relationship with Earth as a collective mind, and these energies are very special! Each of these energies holds a gift - a unique path to reaching an expansive self and further formlessness - more oneness with the universe. We are being called in our personal work to continue to eradicate structure, programming and keep our eyes on the goal of complete oneness. Use these 5 mp3’s to help you step up to the next level of ego eradication and pure consciousness.  Also included is the complete class about these 4 energies and how to use them together for self expansion, originally taught at Awaken Academy.






The Universal Mind Containing All Things


The Void (The Universal Mind Containing Nothing)


The Last 4 Templates of Wisdom Class


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