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Handpicked with loving care, find resources below for your health and well being. Balance your 3 Minds, deepen your meditation and processing skills, and find out more about our true human consciousness. Some products below are affiliate products. All are recommended with genuine love. 

Healing the 3 Minds
Healing the Brain Mind

The products below are meant to help you balance your 3 Minds. Please check with your doctor before add any of these items to your daily regimen. None of these are meant to treat any disease. We cannot give you medical advice, but most of these products have been used by Elizabeth personally.

Enjoy and share!

START HERE: Nourishing Traditions is an absolute MUST HAVE for your total healing!

A revolution in a cook book!

Healing the 3 Minds
Brain Mind

The Brain Mind is the seat of much of our ego. Calm and balance the brain and you have extraordinary effects on the body! Healing the whole body can happen with a strong Brain Mind. Some of these products can help.  

Healing the Heart Mind
Heart Mind

The source of body memory and present intuition, the Heart Mind thrives with your positive intentions and love. Heal your heart with these products and feel the dramatic effects!

Elizabeth has created incredibly effective ways of commanding the Heart Mind center to create changes in the body such as: 

  • Effective pain relief

  • DNA changes (epigenetics)

  • Spiritual clearing and nuturing

  • Emotional processing

  • and much more!

Find out more about these techniques and how the Heart Mind serves you in her ebook -

Healing the Three Minds: The Brain, Heart and Gut

Other books: 

This three-book set by bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz offers his most widely acclaimed works which will truly heal your heart!


The set includes: 

  • The Four Agreements reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.

  • The Mastery of Love illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships.

  • The Voice of Knowledge reminds us of a profound and simple truth: The only way to end our emotional suffering and restore our joy in living is to stop believing in lies — mainly about ourselves.

Healing the Gut Mind
Gut Mind

Heal your Gut Mind and you heal the Heart and Brain too! There is a deep connection in the gut to mental and emotional well being. Here are some ways to help balance and excite your gut!  

Processing & Meditation
Processing and Meditation

The products below are meant to help you refine  your emotional processes and meditation techniques. Please check with your doctor before add any of these items to your daily regimen. None of these are meant to treat any disease. We cannot give you medical advice, but most of these items have been used personally by Elizabeth. Enjoy and share!

Common Protocols
Common Protocols and Suggestions


Oil Pull with coconut oil whenever you can for 10 min (doing dishes, taking a shower, when it works for you).

I also use a homemade toothpaste which is really great. It whitens and rebuilds the teeth. I use it once a day, and regular minty toothpaste the second time. 

1/4 cup coconut oil

2-3 caps opened of activated charcoal

1/4 tsp of turmeric

dash of black pepper

2 or 3 drops of peppermint oil

1 tsp or 2 of baking soda

Always scrape the tongue 4-5 times with a COPPER TONGUE SCRAPER to remove mucus and bacteria! 


Epsom Salt Soaks Daily or at least 3x a week: best in bath, or at least foot soak.

Castor Oil Packs on Liver: Castor Oil Packs on the stomach where the liver is will keep you from feeling super bad. Do these 1x a week at least, and especially when feeling bad. Here is an article about how to use them HERE

1 Teaspoon of Ditomaceous Earth in the PM on a mostly empty stomach before bed. 


1 cap Activated Charcoal: at night (take 2 if you feel bad)

BOUNCE! On yoga balls, trampolines, whatever! Bounce on the bed! 10 min a day for optimal Lymph cleansing. 

Eat lots of Cilantro each day! It binds to heavy metals and toxins like a champ. You can also consume a drop of cilantro essential oil daily diluted in a tsp coconut oil.

Turmeric daily is also an anti inflammatory. Be sure it has some black pepper for better absorption. 

Warm lemon water or apple cider vinegar keeps flow happening.

Ginger warms the gut and balances hot/cold.

Sound Healing

Dr. Royal Rife was as important as Nikola Tesla for medicine and technology. His work around how frequency creates and controls matter - cymatics - is the basis for the future of medicine. He created a way to use frequency to destroy pathogens and disease while maintaining the structure of healthy cells. We have great sound technology now. Learn to use your computer speakers to help heal yourself by using his frequencies! 

Here is a video about using your computer as a Rife Machine.

Here's what you need to set up a computer based Rife Machine with a Tens Unit

Here are more videos about using Rife Machine's at home HERE. 


Here are the Rife Frequencies - several lists to choose from: 

Rife List 1​


Rife List 2

Rife List 3


Here is a free tone player, just plug in the frequencies you choose from the Rife Frequency lists - divide by 64 until you can hear it - and play! 

Sound Healing

Light Healing

Learn more about how to heal your body and mind with light! 

Enjoy two classes especially about healing with light here -

Practicing with Light:

The Science and Spirituality

of Working with Light

Rainbow Gazing: 

A Meditative Technique

Learn how near and far infrared can heal you Here!

Sun Gazing Instructions

Light Healing

Galactic Forgiveness

A free mp3 for deeper clearing in your

body and spirit

Galactic Forgiveness

The Human Vortex Process

A free mp3 for physically processing energy, especially for empaths!

Human Vortex
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