About Sessions ~ A Letter from Elizabeth


Welcome to the Age of Limitless Light!


The experiment in consciousness is coming to a peak.

Extraordinary shifts have occurred to us as humans on the Earth.

Those who want to live in the light have created a new network which invites all of us to heal, dismantle, rebuild and enjoy!

How in touch are you with your gifts?

What level of light are you willing to embody?

Are you a dreamer of the new world?


Embodying Oneness with Source is an upward slope while dismantling ego. The only constant is change. As we transform and become ready to embody the light of enlightenment and purity, we also easily break down the energies keeping us from a limitless state.


I want to give you a clear vision of what this journey really is for you. 


When you have a session with me I look at you remotely. I look at all aspects of the body: emotional and astral, physical and spiritual. Whatever comes up in my awareness is what needs to be looked at closer for your highest benefit. I help bring your 3 Minds online, the Brain, Heart and Gut.


I teach you techniques to transmute energy, shift into brighter states of true light, and help you free yourself from energetic bondage. We can shut doors of the past together, yank the weeds out from the roots and clear your field. The best part of a session is that you will accomplish these huge shifts, but also be prepared to continue that work for yourself.

I help facilitate that healing, joy and clarity.

As a world class seer I can go into the depths of DNA, and also view the various aspects of yourself. You can gain clarity about your path, receive transforming insights about your abilities and return to your day-to-day life with a cleaner slate. I try to use my sense of humor, deep kindness and non-judgement to support you as we break down barriers.

Tackle nagging issues in your life and get clarity about your purpose. The session may include energy, program and past life baggage removals, a body and soul intuitive scan, the 3 Minds technique for processing, connection to your guides, clarity about your star family, meditation techniques, personal purpose details and much more! 

A Session is for you if: 

You suffering with health issues and want more clarity about how your body and energy can be healed.

You wondering more about your personal purpose and how you can clear your past.

You want to know what your true Soul Skill Set is, how to access those skills and advance them. 

You a business owner and need advice on how to get your business and team to the next level.

You need more clarity about how to get and/or keep a quality relationship.

You need validation and support during a challenging time in your life.

I want you to really feel heard and seen in a non-judgmental space of loving care.


After a session clients have reported feeling filled with light and hope. Many have reported back feeling complete and able to move ahead with a “lightness of being” brought on by deep release and healing. I send a follow up email with whatever research, options, ideas and resources that we might have touched on in our session. I’m always available for questions too. You have a friend and resource in me. I look forward to working with you.

Love and Health,



All sessions are now recorded via phone, web call or Skype!

You will receive your call info before your session. 

Elizabeth is often booked ahead by a few months. It's worth it to get on the calendar because there is definitely a cancellation list!


Please schedule your appointment via Acuity Calendar here.


Pay for your session via Offerings any time before your session. 

If you aren't sure or need any extra help, be sure and email Elizabeth at

~Love and Health~


Refund policy: No refunds for previously recorded classes and other downloadable material. If you need a refund before a live session or teleconference, please contact us before the session or teleconference has occurred. Once a session or teleconference has happened, we cannot offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding! 

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