Discovering the Dawn: Reaching the Age of Limitless Light

The dawn of Earth and Heaven together can begin as The Matrix falls away at last. We disassemble the old configurations we wore during our trials to free the Earth and all of humanity. We can begin to flow freely with the power of Source and celebrate our limitless potential. The cycle has finished as we come back into an era of Light.


The Trillion Templates of Frequency, Light and Dark are the the song of the Heavens and all of creation. The Trillion Templates are the cyclical fluctuations in natural vibrational expression which create reality, a song of light and dark elements which cymatically make up the vibrational matter of this universe. At its heart is the Oneness of form, light and sound, containing all aspects of duality endlessly complementing its self. In other universes, this song is different, even if slightly. An endless array of universes exists containing different laws to govern realities.


In our universe's song is the Earth, a blue jewel gifted to us peaceful beings. The song of our universe and Earth is the song of the Golden Ratio. This is the heart of Oneness, the Golden Triangle which governs the vibrational and geometric laws of our universe. The Three Laws are Decay, Creation and Form. Oneness multiplies and is divided by itself endlessly, which is why we see the Golden Ratio of 3-6-9 governing the limitless fractals of vibration and matter. This is also why at the heart of quantum physics lies the Golden Triangle, the first expression of Oneness. As it is divided it also multiplies into elements of Oneness again, spiraling in and out only to meet its origin once more. This is seen by our human eyes as the Golden Ratio.


In the human body we express this endless power of Oneness and limitless light. We attain re-connection with Source, the intelligent light which holds all knowledge, wisdom, time and frequencies, by allowing our spiritual will to be informed by the way the Golden Ratio is expressed in the body. The 3 Minds in balance within the body are the core of our Earthly intelligence. The Brain, Heart and Gut each have their own way of discerning subtle differences between frequencies which make up reality. We also balance the expression of duality in the body: right and left which are the expression of 6. With this ability to embody duality we can always find the complimentary and opposing force around and within us which gives us access to endless energy. Finally, with the two sides and the core of our being expressed together as 9 we reach the embodiment of Oneness in ourselves once more (3 Minds + 6 {2x3, Each side} = 9 The Whole ÷ 3 Source = 3).


Our future as humans on Earth will be grounded in this guidance. The Age of Limitless Light comes from the final perception of who we are as another expression of the endless fractal of this universe. The power to create and recreate with effortless perfection, the ability to perceive all dimensions and timelines of all universes, and complete access to limitless information from Source are all available to us if we are willing to express and embody the true Song of the Universe, the Golden Ratio and it's 3-6-9 fundament.


In all that we create, and the processes we create with, this can be expressed. All layers of culture and reality on Earth were meant to be a celebration of the song of our universe. We each are this song in variation, and we can attune our beings to Oneness and source with our spiritual will and celebration. When we all become attuned, we will all align as One. The final state of human consciousness will be a collective mind attuned and aligned to the power of the Golden Ratio in celebration. At this time we will be capable of endless techniques and limitless energy. When one becomes attuned and aligned, the potential for all to become so is multiplied. The more the Golden Ratio is celebrated in the objects and reality around us, the more intelligent Light can come through.

Each of us has an endless capability to celebrate this energy around us and find ways to multiply it. As it multiplies, the form and function of all materials around us will begin to be shaped by the Light. The Golden Ratio will be reanimated in all matter surrounding us and our human culture will be shaped by Light too. This is the era of Light and endless energy. The true power of the laws of this universe will eventually be embraced and we will remember why we decided to come here to the universe and Earth. From our bondage we will rise and with gratitude we will reach a higher state than we ever imagined, even from the beginning in the first Eden. Limitless light is our destiny.

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