The 3 Pillars of Happiness

The 3 Pillars of Happiness are Meditation, Processing and Practice!

There are many ways to meditate. I enjoy classic meditation, coloring, music and more.
Meditation stops the mind and pauses the egoic structure in the  Brain Mind. Even a few minutes of this practice can help bring a deeper self awareness. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Even simple conscious breathing which only takes a moment is a meditative technique. 


There are many ways to emotionally process. The best expert I know in this subject is Lucia Rene’. She has a free mp3 below which will help you get started. Leslie Temple Thurston also has an excellent book full of processing techniques. Find her book below. Getting the theory of emotional processing is the most important start. Then you can play with processing polarities and triggers in your life regularly. 


Practices which bring you joy are vital for enjoyment of life! What practices make you feel happier and bring light into your life? Cooking, painting, sex, singing? There is also a direct way to bring light into your life by doing purposeful meditations on specific qualities of light. Look forward to a new ebook I’m writing about these “Light Up Your Life:  Practices of Light”! In the meantime, let’s use the wonderful slipstreams of energy available to jump ahead in self realization. I will be doing a class about these tools. Embracing high frequency concepts can keep us on track with our journey to Self Realization. There are many, but the latest and most important are Formlessness and Timelessness. Learn more about these energies with me on July 14th. Further resources for your meditation and processing are also available below. 


Join Elizabeth on July 14th at 12pm ET to discuss the ‘slipstream’ power of Formlessness and Timelessness - Wings for Humanity: Formlessness and Timelessness

We have the opportunity to use energetic 'slipstreams' in consciousness to fully help us break down barriers, process our issues and remove blockades to embodying pure light. What are the tools we need to wield in order to enjoy limitless light?

Formlessness and Timelessness are the wings which we can use to soar into this limitless light consciousness. Time for humanity to fly and enjoy the eternal!




Emotional Processing:

Enjoy a free mp3 about the Mechanics of Processing and Perception by Lucia Rene’ 


Purchase an excellent book about emotional processing ‘The Marriage of Spirit” (affiliate link)


Meditative Music:

Moris Code, composer and musician who creates meditative music free -


Moby’s free meditation music -


Need extra support to learn these techniques? Want more clarity about your purpose ? 

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