Earth and the 5th Dimension - What does this really mean for us?


Friends, we have finally fully entered into the 5th dimension! Since the Summer Solstice of 2017 the galaxy has been moving into a wonderful space in the universe. This new space has allowed the Earth and Sun to bathe in the radiating new light, unprecedented in our whole solar system's history. This means many things for us and the planet Earth, not just physically but with our consciousness as well. 


First, we need to understand what this new dimension entails. In the 5th dimension similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, opening up infinite possibilities. This concept can be used to describe partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation, which are not random at all. While this dimension has been observable from a human perspective, we have not, until now, lived in it. Our consciousness is shifted by the 5th dimension, and our human form will evolve from here on out being influenced by it. Whether or not this shift will be blissful, joyful and easy, or painful and unbearable, depends on several factors. The good news is that once you are aware of these factors, you can make small but impact filled choices to transform your daily experience with this consciousness. 


Minimization of Material Attachment


Material attachment and the corruption of currency in the human psych causes huge amounts of suffering. Those who have large amounts of attachment to people, places and things will have a hard time enjoying the new levels of consciousness and evolution happening because it is increasingly formless. Formlessness and Timelessness are the new mode of being. Form and time now break into particles of consciousness, showing how we are utterly linked to the oneness of the Universe. As form opens up all it's possibilities, so does time, and Formless Timeless Reality unfolds. When we decrease material attachment, we do not sacrifice unconditional love, but rather live in it totally without it having boundaries to where it will go to. Every day take a moment to release yourself from attachment and instead hold fully unconditional love for all reality and it's infinite possibilities. 


Pausing the Brain Mind


Brain Mind's many dimensional thinking includes the past, present and future all at once. To fully embrace the mental and emotional shifts which the 5th dimension offers, we must pause our Brain Mind. The seat of the ego and subconscious needs to be cleared everyday. The more you pause it through meditation or prayer, the more clarity you receive. There is no perfect way, there is only the practice of it. Never stop finding new ways to pause the Brain. You will be rewarded with better health and a better experience of constant shifts upon the planet. 


Listen to the Heart Mind and Gut Mind


We are untrained about how the Heart and Gut are actually brains. It's important to learn to use the 3 Minds to give you a deeper intelligence and balance. Pause the Brain Mind and listen to the Heart Mind. It has deep wisdom about your whole physical history, un-exaggerated and pure. The Gut mind is the seat of intuition in the body and helps us connect to the earthly part of ourselves: the symbiotic relationship we have with the planet. If you ignore these two minds, you will consistently have a disconnect between the self and the body, causing pain and disease as the Earth shifts. 


Focus Fully On Nature


Daily time with nature is vital to our health and enjoyment of life. Being one with the rhythms of the Earth each day is one thing we are often missing from corrupt modern life. The patterns of nature within us speak to the patterns of nature in the Universe. As the 5th dimension continues to open, the best place to experience it is always nature. Take off your shoes, ground on the Earth! Get your fingers deep into it. Gaze at the leaves and branches, admire the grass, watch the ants, slow down. Watch the sunrise and sunset. Watch animals and weather. Gaze at rainbows. The endless infinity of oneness is waiting for your deep observation. 


Listen to Angels and 5th Dimensional Beings


Angels and their friends from the 5th Dimension are closer and more accessible than ever. Humans have more allies than enemies, we just need to be willing to accept help. They work for our freedom and if we are open to asking for support and delegating tasks, there hasn't been a better time to get more done!


Remember You Cannot Save Everyone


Not everyone will make the shifts they need to in order to be free. Not everyone will make it through the crumbling of the Matrix. We are asked to help those who come into our pathway, no more and no less. Do what you can and do not despair at those who haven't been able to rise up. They remain immortal souls and have the chance to get back to God. Love them unconditionally and do not keep yourself bound or in bondage for anyone. The world heals when you heal yourself. Start with you, and ask that the right ways for you to be a light warrior are opened to you. 


Become a Discriminator, Usurp False Light and Build Allies


Never stop learning about how light is here to help us heal, that energy in the world is free and plenty, that the history of our Earth is much different than we are taught. Knowledge comes from surrounding yourself in wise people, through text or in conversation. To be a discriminator means we learn to discern what separates us from the Divine Will of God and what doesn't. False Light keeps us as energetic slaves, so we must learn to identify it. We disallow distortion and falseness while allowing harmony and balance. Get a cohort or tribe of people you can depend on, develop your allies. To redesign the world's broken systems we must be able to depend on those that are light warriors too. With each other's help we can heal the world and be free together. 


These are just some of the ways that you can start enjoying the new frequencies of reality right away. Be sure and stay tuned for more by signing up for our newsletters and share with your allies who you think will resonate! 


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