Body, Mind, Spirit: How to Begin Inner Healing

March 14, 2018

When a person goes through a traumatizing event, inner healing is often necessary. The mind, body, and spirit all need to be rejuvenated and it begins from within. Here are some ways to start healing and feel more at peace.




Embrace Spirituality

Complete healing doesn't occur until spiritual wounds have been addressed. The Huffington Post relates that simply being more grateful can help people heal and improve their lives overall. Through spirituality, you may find meaning and a real purpose to fuel your actions. Yoga, meditation, and prayer are all great calming activities to try as a first-timer. Learn about spiritual concepts that feel good to you. 



Exercise the Mind

A person's imagination can change their inner world and control their actions in reality. It's essential to anyone’s well-being to exercise the brain. Try Sudoku or other brain games. When your brain is working at an optimal level, it makes it easier to do daily tasks and perform more accurate work. It's also dangerous to not be able to think clearly in complicated situations. Take time to improve your brain and practice using it differently. Get rid of unwanted programs in your mind and learn emotional processing techniques so you can become more clear headed. A focused mind not distracted by past trauma can bring a lot more happiness. 



Physical Health

It may be difficult to control the mind and be spiritual when the body feels uncomfortable. Exercise can be stimulating to mental health and can make a person feel more positive in their daily life. Even simply walking can be immensely rewarding. More vigorous exercise might be just what you need to work off intense feelings or stress. Get energized and get better rest with a good exercise routine. Fall into a smart mattress afterward and sleep deeply for the best effect. If it's hard to fit things in, try bouncing gently on a yoga ball, doing gentle yoga or just taking a little walk. These things clear the lymph system and help you feel better. 



Healthy Eating

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a good way to achieve a cleaner body and mind. Feel healthier and more refreshed with a good diet. A focus on vegetarian meals may have many healthful benefits but be sure to supplement what nutrition you might need to get a good balance in your diet. It's not healthy to be a pure vegan, so be sure and add in some minimal amounts of animal protein like farm fresh eggs from happy chickens, or raw cheese from happy goats, sheep or cows. Add in fermented foods into your diet for probiotic benefits, and take digestive enzymes for better gut health. To find my favorite enzymes and probiotics, or more great supplements for healing the Gut, just go to the Gut Mind part of my Resources page! 



Be Social

Not everyone is naturally social, but it's important to have some contact with other people. Spend time with friends or family members. Talking to others about important issues leads to understanding and enlightenment. Go out to dinner, a movie, or to a local concert. The most important thing is to have fun, laugh, and soak in the sense of warmth loved ones can give.



You should never be afraid to show your true feelings and be yourself. As you grow on your journey to inner healing, you may need someone who can show genuine empathy and offer advice and guidance. This could be a friend or family member, therapist, or even yourself! Try working on healing the 3 Minds as a tool for overall health. The body and spirit will thank you! 

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