5 Tips for Starting Life Again as a Recovering Drug Addict

March 19, 2018


Drug and alcohol recovery is a life-long never-ending journey, especially for someone who is just starting to live in sobriety. Try these five tips to help people rebuild their personal and professional lives.


Find social support

All human beings need the interaction and support of their fellow human beings. This may be a 12-Step or other support group, a church or faith community, or a work or volunteer group. Also, it may help to have a designated buddy or sponsor; someone who knows what recovery is like to talk with during difficult moments and experiences. The most important thing is for a recovering drug addict to recognize that they are not alone. Need more help honed to your specific needs? Get a Session with Elizabeth! 


Be honest

It is important for people in recovery to be honest with themselves and the people around them. Be honest about your feelings, experiences, and history. This will help avoid problematic situations. This can be especially helpful when you are applying for a new job. If a company wants to administer an employment drug test, certain types of tests can reveal even drug use from a long time ago. Tell them the truth about your life and process, and the steps you are taking to recover, and they are likely to be more lenient.


Find a way to bring peace and balance to your life

Perhaps this is through prayer or meditation, but it is important to find ways to manage stress, sadness, or other things that can fill the space that used to be filled by drugs. Peace also comes though learning how to forgive others and letting go of resentments. Finally, creating a clean and organized living environment can also help bring serenity. To do deep forgiveness work, enjoy Elizabeth's "Galactic Forgiveness and Universal Co-Creation" call free!


Set goals for the future

Setting goals often helps people keep focused on the future and long term accomplishments. This will help you focus your energy on pushing forward through challenging moments. Doing something new like taking up a hobby or even starting a business can give you support in a new clean lifestyle and can help give something different to focus on.


Find fun things to do

This includes doing small things that brings you joy or having new experiences. Some people are helped through giving back, like in volunteering projects. Others get a lot out of focusing on gratitude. Another idea, find an exercise program. Exercising can help because it releases natural feel-good hormones that combat depression.


Leaving addiction behind for sobriety, particularly if it's the first time one has tried it, can be a daunting idea. Fortunately, there are people who have successfully found a way to have fulfilling lives, despite being recovering drug addicts. Your personal healing is integral to the healing of the whole planet. Dismantle your obstacles with a personal session with Elizabeth.


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