What will it take for the world to change?

It will take each of us working diligently for our own spiritual freedom. 

It will take all perspectives and  personal healing. 

It will take you and me working together to learn. 

It will take a pristine plan of action. 

Are you ready? 


           Teleconferences for Your Evolution


Practicing with Light: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Light

With the Sun and Earth shifting ever upward in frequency, it is the perfect time right now to learn about Light! Actual Light is full of information and has powerful effects on the body, mind and spirit. Light heals, reprograms and adjusts our bodies. Learn from Elizabeth about the science of Light and how it can be used to shift your life. The many qualities and wavelengths of Light which we have access to can finally be used to their full potential. Understand how to identify the kinds of Light you want to work with, where to receive their healing information and how that healing works. This class will have you enjoying Light in your life more than ever before. Look forward to brightening your daily joy and revealing more about the wondrous gift of Light!  


This class will be recorded for replay, and we will be taking questions at the end! Live class is on August 11th 2017 at 12pm ET.

Join HERE   $9
Recording available with purchase
Q and A available on the live call

Wings for Humanity: Formlessness and Timelessness

We have the opportunity to use energetic 'slipstreams' in consciousness to fully help us break down barriers, process our issues and remove blockades to embodying pure light. What are the tools we need to wield in order to enjoy limitless light? 

Formlessness and Timelessness are the wings which we can use to soar into pure light consciousness. Time for humanity to fly and enjoy the eternal!
Join HERE   $12
Recording available with purchase
Q and A available on the live call

New Earth Conversations

Join Elizabeth and guests in conversations about the New Earth and her energies. 

Get a jump start with techniques and ideas about grounding into the Light.

You are the start to the world changing!

Join us Here!




More about this coming soon...

Only $9 with a replay option available, purchase your seat here. There are limited seats available via phone for live call ins, so grab one today! International callers can join us via Webcast and type in their questions which we will read on the call.



We will be taking LIVE Q and A at the end of the interview! 



Past New Earth Conversations


Jordan Sather - Activist, Investigative Journalist, Spiritual Seeker

Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, as she interviews activist, investigative journalist and spiritual seeker Jordan Sather on July 28th at 12pm EST! Jordan has been working hard at compiling information about the Elite and how we can end their reign, exposing the years of cover up about sustainable technologies, and helping humanity get excited about full disclosure (among many topics)! If you aren’t familiar with Elizabeth’s work, she is a globally known seer and anthropologist who specialized in futurism, studies quantum physics, and ancient healing modalities. This is a New Earth Conversation not to be missed! Topics covered will be:

  • The dissolution of the Matrix of control

  • The dissolution of the Elite

  • Full disclosure

  • The healing of the Masculine in the USA

  • How young men can actively work for self realization and global healing

  • And much more!

Leo McFee - Crystal Alchemist and Healer​

Join Leo and Elizabeth as they discuss the way the Earth has been shifting energies, the craziness it can cause in our lives, and how we ground ourselves in new ways. Ask any questions that have been coming up for you. Get live one on one energy work from Elizabeth and enjoy a grounding meditation technique you can use again and again! Don't miss this very relevant New Earth Conversation and grab your crystals to join you too! 

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