It's time for a new experience...

We are weaving the dream of a harmonious relationship with nature and Earth. 

All our talents and hopes are being ignited to provide a clear vision of a light filled future. 

It's not an easy road ahead of us, but the timeline is set. 

We are here to dream, create and build a New Earth.

Are you ready?

Joining a New Earth Community ~

Welcome friends, I’m excited to invite you to do something special with me.


Some friends and I have created a space I’ve just been calling The Circle Community. We created it to be an affordable, intimate and safe space where we can all go deeper together and get inspired.


If you have been drawn to my work either through a personal session, tele-summits, You-Tube videos or interviews, then The Circle Community may be the place for you. Something interesting that has happened is that our Circle Community has attracted a staggering amount of Collective Empaths - empaths who can feel collective’s energy. I think it’s telling that such sensitive people have been able to enjoy a group so much.


One of the main things that I love so much about The Circle Community is our no-cost 2 hour monthly check in. On these calls I spend 30 minutes sharing with you the latest updates about energy and seeing’s that I’ve had and then we spend 90 minutes talking together and answering questions. We do this worldwide and LIVE.

Participants have reported major changes in their lives from The Circle Community calls, and I hope you’ll join us for the next one. If for some reason you cannot make it live, the replays are always available for you 24 hours later and they will remain available for an entire year for you to watch at your leisure.


This community was created with a beautiful new network in mind - a web of creative harmony, sharing, caring and support. This is a place of purity, transparency and light meant to help us come together online and in person.

Benefits of Our Community Online ~

  • Special mp3s with meditations, music, Heart Commands, and teaching snippets!

  • Weekly "Healing Circle" - join in healing another, or receive healing yourself!

  • Daily Meditation theme and a Question of the Week!

  • Access on any device using the Slack application or website!

  • Pay monthly or set up auto pay.

  • Download an app for your phone or access online

  • Share your journey and wisdom with others who are awake

  • Access Inspiration via videos, meditations, poetry, advice, hope and pictures!

  • Any time, anywhere, there is a circle of friends waiting to embrace you...


"I am so happy to have this resource on my phone. It is not just a resource it is a community! When the dark moments come and they do it is a blessing knowing there are folks here looking out for me. Who will reach out and pull me in for a big group hug. We may be separated by distance but we are all connected at the heart. It gives me the back up to keep striving for light with less and less fear, knowing someone is looking out makes a huge difference. It is inspiring. Everyone here has a unique and precious insight. You never know whose words or postings are going to inspire you at the exact moment you need it!" - Susan

"It’s so hard to find a community where you can feel safe to be yourself, to be vulnerable and to share ideas without fear of being judged from the beginning. 

(It usually takes a lot of time to get to this level of trust in society if ever!) This is what I have been feeling from this circle.  Great resources that I can trust and also common language that I don’t have to explain where I am coming from.  Thank you Elizabeth and all beautiful souls in the circle." - Sophia

When You Sign Up ~

Please add to your contacts.

Download the PDF with your welcome link and training for Slack. 

Be sure and download the Slack app on your phone. 

Scholarship ~

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you need a scholarship, email Elizabeth at

We welcome DONATIONS for our scholarship fund! Donate for another person below.

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